You Need A Diet Plan to Lose Belly Fat

So often I hear people saying “to lose weight you just need to exercise more”. Generally the people saying this have never had to lose weight in their lives, always being slim and active people.

The thing is. to lose belly fat and lose weight in general you really do have to diet, there is no alternative. Here are some facts to hopefully convince the non-believers:

Why You Must Go On A Diet Plan To Lose Belly Fat

  • Professional athletes are not extremely well toned just because they do a lot of exercise. Look at strong men, shot putters, sumo wrestlers if you do not believe me. They have to go on specific diets that nourish their bodies without storing fat.
  • Professional athletes do burn a lot of calories per day, Michael Phelps consumes and burns around 14,000 calories at the peak of his training – but, there is no way you can expect to match that level of exercise unless you workout full time for several years. And to get fit enough to train that hard, you need to lose weight first.
  • Studies have shown that children do not become overweight as a result of not exercising. It is the other way around. Children become lazy as a result of being overweight.
  • Many people are emotional eaters but do not know it. You may eat while on autopilot and not be aware of how many calories you are consuming. A strict diet plan will end this.
  • The way we prepare food and the way we eat food makes a big difference to how much energy we gain from it. Not all calories are equal. If you consume 500 calories in the form of white bread and chips (e.g. burger and chips) you will take much less time and energy to digest the food than if you ate 500 calories of healthy raw food.
  • Some diets are designed to help you lose a specific amount of weight in a short time, such as the Lose 3 pounds in 2 days diet. Diets like this provide a calorie restricted meal plan with healthy food options. When combined with regular exercise you could follow a diet plan like this for 2 days each week to help with weight loss.
  • The 10 Root Causes of Weight Gain are all diet related. Therefore diet is the key to weight loss.

What Diet Plan is Best?

So, what sort of diet plan should you go on? Really any plan will work so long as if provides the following:

  • There must be a reduction in total calories so that you create an energy deficit.
  • There must be a reduction in sugar (table sugar, refined carbohydrates, high GI diet foods) so that most of your energy comes from nutritious sources (nutritious plants, lean meats)
  • You must rebalance your meals. Eat more protein, more healthy fats, more salads, and less starchy vegetables
  • Give up bread, pasta, white rice, noodles, alcohol, soda – totally. Even if only for 1 week.
  • You must EXERCISE as well.

The last point is important, as although studies have shown that diet is the key to weight loss, studies have also shown that people who only go on a diet struggle to lose weight.

Why? This is how it works:

  • You start your diet, and eat less food
  • Your calorie intake is lower and you create an energy deficit
  • You start burning more fat for a while, you lose a little weight
  • Your body starts to panic and fears that food is scarce, so you go into starvation mode
  • Your metabolism slows down and you require less energy
  • Your energy deficit becomes an energy surplus again, while you become weaker from the diet
  • You become even less active, your metabolism slows down more, you start putting on weight
  • As you are not getting adequate nutrition you get weaker still and eventually give up
  • You declare that diets do not work and get fatter and complain about stupid diets

So, what happens if you exercise? Well, this:

  • You start your diet, and eat less food
  • Your calorie intake is lower and you create an energy deficit
  • You start burning more fat for a while, you lose a little weight
  • You are exercising, which keeps your metabolism high
  • Daily exercise helps you burn fat and allows you to eat more food and still have a calorie deficit
  • You diet plan provides proteins for muscle growth and rich carbohydrates and fat for health and you grow stronger and fitter
  • Your workouts become more intensive, your metabolism increase while you get fitter and stronger, and your energy deficit increases
  • You lose more fat
  • You are healthy, lean and fit
  • Everyone is amazed and you tell them how excellent the diet plan is.

See? Such a simple addition to the diet makes a massive difference to the results. So that is why you need a good diet plan if you want to lose weight fast. Read the diet plan reviews and chose which program you want to follow, then it is just a matter of time before you will be losing weight and getting fit again.

5 comments to You Need A Diet Plan to Lose Belly Fat

  • kulro

    This article have cleared a myth that diet means not eating anything or going for some fad diet products! Losing weight or staying fit requires a perfect combination of taking proper nutrients and exercising regularly. nice post!

  • Belly Jackson

    Yeah, so many people think that a “diet” is something to be avoided. Diet is simply everything we eat. As for fad diets, that is another matter. I may write a post on that. Many so called “fad diets” are actually good nutrition plans, but the media only reads the first chapter of the diet and tells the wrong story, then the public get it all wrong. Atkins and Dukan are two examples that spring to mind.

  • Jim B.

    hey, im a 20 year old male who weighs 194 and is 6’0. I used to be 135-40 pounds when i was 17 and i worked out loads for around 2 years but never saw any results i wanted with my “man boobs”.

    When i weighed 140 i could bench press 170 pounds, 3 sets of 5 reps, and still nothing ever really looked different. i did not have a good diet but i really would like to try now. i dont eat any fruits but I do eat vegetables.

    Any ideas on what i should eat to get me down to the 160 range the quickest and easiest way? I have exercise induced asthma so lots of cardio is not always an option.

  • LWFS

    Hi Jim. Well, first I really think that you should try to like some fruits, there must be something. For some people fruit is an acquired taste. Dark red fruits such as blackberries can be really healthy. If you really cannot stomach fruit make sure you eat a very varied selection of vegetables, lots of salads and cooked vegetables, to get a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

    Really to reduce man boobs you have to focus on losing total body fat and also building up more muscle. Working your core, legs, shoulders and arms will also help to move attention away from your chest, as well as help to raise your metabolism more to burn more fat.

    Can you do push ups? If you were benching 170 pounds then you should be able to perform many reps of pushups. This may help to burn more calories and tone the chest well, and could form part of a regular bodyweight workout that could replace more traditional cardio (that may induce asthma) and also compliment weight training.

    Really the key is to make sure your diet is very lean and very healthy.

  • Len

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