Cheryl Cole Diet and Workout Secrets

Cheryl Cole is one of England’s most glamorous and sexiest female celebrities. She is always looking absolutely stunning. How does she do it? What does Cheryl do to stay in top shape all the time?

Few people realize that Cheryl Cole has been a model most of her life. She was a baby model for Boots Chemists and had several modeling roles as a child.

One of her fitness secrets is that she has always loved dancing. At the age of 16 she attended the Royal Ballet School in London and proved to be a fantastic dancer with great natural rhythm as well as the strength and flexibility needed to be a professional ballet dancer. However, she decided to pursue a singing career instead, which proved to be very successful.

“I challenge anyone to do the ridiculous amount of exercise and dancing we do day in day out and not lose weight and tone up.”

While in gild band Girls Alound Cherly lost a lot of weight, and this was mostly down to the hectic schedule and continuous rehearsals and gigs, which simply meant she was burning a lot of calories doing dance workouts.

Cheryl Cole Workout

Cheryl would often perform this fitness routine, as devised by the bands personal trainer:

  • 30 minutes running on the treadmill
  • 60 minutes weight training exercises:
    • Squats
    • Lunges
    • Shoulder press
    • Chest press
    • Curls
    • Lateral pull downs
    • Leg curls

Cheryl Cole Diet

As important as her workout is her diet. She starts the day with just protein to ensure that she burns fat and not sugar. If you eat too much sugar (carbohydrate) then your body will not burn off fat.

The rest of the day involves small healthy meals that are low in sugar and generally low calorie too. Low GI salads and soups. lean protein sources such as fish and chicken, healthy snacks such as fruits and seeds. Plus only water for hydration, no soda, no alcohol.

She does allow 1 day a week when she can eat what she likes.

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  • LWFS

    News just in that Cherly Cole has caught malaria while travelling in Tanzania. At first it was thought that she was just suffering from exhaustion but a trip to the doctors revealed that she caught malaria from a mosquito bite. She is still in hospital.

    Hopefully this will help highlight the importance of taking anti-malaria medicine when travelling in tropical countries where malaria is common. Many people feel that they do not need to bother as they are fit and healthy but malaria strikes down the strongest and fittest people as well as the weak.

  • jimbob

    she is my hero i am going to start her diet and i want her but

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