Lose Weight and Get a Flat Stomach

Female jogger in a parkWelcome to Lose Weight : Flat Stomach. Here we focus on diets and exercises that will help you to lose weight and obtain a flat stomach.

Before we go into any detail about the methods and theories that we advocate here it is important to point out the follow facts:

  • Being overweight is always, without exception, the result of eating more than you need
  • A lack of exercise is never the cause of being overweight, however, it is part of the solution
  • Calories do count. The more you consume, the less weight you lose
  • Most people underestimate how much they eat by around 50%
  • Exercise does not burn as many calories as most people think

I wanted to share these facts simply because many people who wish to lose weight live in a state of denial about their diet, in terms of how much they eat, and also their activity levels.

If you are overweight you WILL HAVE TO WORK HARD TO LOSE WEIGHT

So, what is our approach to weight loss and fitness? We believe strongly in the following:

  • Weight Loss is not a complex art – the rules are in fact simple
  • The human condition encourages weight gain
  • You do not need to go on a diet, but you do need to understand your diet
  • Any exercise will help so long as you are focused on getting fitter and stronger

So what do we mean? Well, losing weight really is simple, in theory. There is a very good reason why people lose fat and get fit when they join the army – food is rationed and exercise is compulsory.

Nobody goes into the army and fails to get in shape because of a genetic condition or a slow metabolism! We really can learn a lot from how the armed forces get in shape.

As a general rule, to lose weight you need to do the following:

  • Consume fewer calories each day than your body needs to sustain its current mass, but …..
  • Consume enough protein, carbohydrate, fats, vitamins and minerals to remain healthy, and ….
  • Exercise on a regular basis to increase metabolism

Many studies have shown the following to be true:

  • Exercising without a change of diet makes weight loss very hard to achieve
  • Dieting without an increase in planned activity (exercise) also makes weight loss difficult

This seems paradoxical and suggests that weight loss is near impossible. So why is this the case?

Research shows that when a person reduces their calorie intake they tend to become less active. Nature kicks in and changes in hormone levels tend to result in a person becoming more lethargic without realizing. This results in a reduction in basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Likewise, when some just starts exercise for the first time they tend not to burn many calories as their cardiovascular fitness is not sufficient enough to allow prolonged periods of intensive activity. Also, people sometimes feel that they should eat more after they exercise, forgetting that the purpose of exercising is to increase the daily calorie deficit.

Based on this, here is the Lose Weight : Flat Stomach weight loss equation. Weight Loss occurs when:

BMR + Calories Used Exercising is Greater than Calories Consumed in Diet

The rate at which you lose weight depends entirely on the size of the calorie deficit that you create. As a general rule:

  • Consume 500 Calories a day less than you need and you lose 1 pound a week
  • Consume 1000 Calories a day less than you need and you lose 2 pounds a week

Unless you are very overweight it is hard to lose much more than this while remaining healthy and maintaining lean muscle tissue.

The aim of this website is simply to teach you how to achieve this.